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Qualifications Needed:

We’re excited to see your creativity and hear your stories! To make sure your video stands out, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Duration: Keep it under 2 minutes. Short and sweet works best!
  2. Content: Share your unique MSG Staffing experience. Tell us your story and what makes you proud to be part of our team.
  3. Video Quality:
    • Resolution: Your video must be at least 1080p HD for clear images.
    • Background: Use a single-color background for easy editing.
    • Lighting: Ensure your video is well-lit.
  4. Audio Quality: Clear and free from background noise.
  5. Overall Quality: We’re looking for clear audio and video quality for an optimal viewing experience.

Follow the qualifications above, complete the form on the right, and you’re good to go! Your video could feature in our upcoming ad campaign, giving you a chance to shine on screen!

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The 1st round deadline is March 29th.