Traveling Nurse Jobs in MA & CT

That Set You Up For Success

As a travel nurse agency based in Massachusetts, we’ll make finding your next traveling nurse assignment in MA or CT simple.

Compassionate Recruiters

Fast & Simple Process

Long Term Success

What Is a Traveling Nurse?

A traveling nurse works on assignments with specific start and end dates. It’s a contractual position, which is why they’re also called “contract nurses“. Assignments are usually 4-13 weeks.

No, you don’t have to move! The majority of our traveling nurses live close enough to their assignment that they commute to work like everyone else.

Our travel nurse agency in Massachusetts offers you a great way to make more money, have more flexibility and build your resume.

Why Work As a Traveling Nurse?

We work with the best facilities in New England. They don’t typically hire permanent staff, and when they do it’s hard to get in there.

But they almost always have open contracts. Working one of those contracts is a great way to get your foot in the door! Being a top travel nurse agency in Massachusetts, we can help you with just that.

This also lets you see if you really want to work in that facility long term! It’s hard leaving a job you know for one you don’t. In a contract position you can “try before you buy” so to speak.

Complete Their Assignments

Live Locally

Stay With Us After The First Assignment

“As a traveling nurse you fill a critical need. That’s why we treat you like a VIP. Because to us, you are”.

-Jamal Mahijibhai, CEO MSG Staffing

VIP Treatment

A Recruiter who CARES with a Process that WORKS in a Relationship that LASTS

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1. A Recruiter Who CARES

Fast Response Time

Your recruiter will know you so well that they’ll be able to anticipate your needs.


We're available whenever you need us and pride ourselves on fast response times because we know it matters.

Clear Expectations

We want you making informed assignement decisions. We talk about everything from take home pay, to what to do on days off – and everything in between.

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2. A Process That WORKS

Reduced Paperwork

When you work with MSG Staffing, you can expect to do about 90% less paperwork.

EMR Knowledge

You’ll know what tools and systems a prospective facility uses before you arrive.

Increased Assignment Completion Success Rate

Over 85% of all assignments are completed, and 96% of travel nurses stay with us after their first assignment.

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3. A Relationship That LASTS

Good Cultural Fit

We make sure you’re a good cultural fit on every assignment so you enjoy your time there.

Fighting Homesickness

We help you pre-plan down time with friends and family so you don’t get lonely while away from home.

Widespread Respect and Admiration

We work hard to set you up for success so you develop a reputation that preceed you.

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