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Are you a per diem nurse seeking a career that empowers you with flexibility and control? Look no further. At MSG Staffing, we specialize in connecting you with per diem nursing opportunities that fit your unique lifestyle. 

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Engage with our dedicated Acute Care Division and specialized recruiters focusing solely on local contract positions tailored for you.


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The Joy of Setting Your Own Schedule

Per Diem Nursing For All

Experience the freedom and empowerment of setting your own schedule with per diem nursing opportunities. At MSG Staffing, we believe in giving you the flexibility to choose when and where you work. Embrace a career that fits your lifestyle, allowing you to balance your professional and personal commitments seamlessly. Your journey to a fulfilling per diem nursing experience begins here.

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FAQ about Per Diem Nursing

How can a staffing agency benefit me as a per diem nurse?

Staffing agencies like MSG Staffing, can connect you with per diem shifts that match your availability, giving you the flexibility to create a customized work schedule.

Will I have control over my per diem nursing schedule?

Yes, working with a staffing agency allows you to choose shifts that align with your preferences and commitments, offering you the freedom to balance work and personal life.

What types of healthcare facilities can I work in as a per diem nurse through a staffing agency?

Staffing agencies partner with a wide range of healthcare facilities, including hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities, and more, giving you diverse per diem opportunities.

How does a staffing agency match me with per diem shifts?

We collaborate closely with you to understand your availability, preferences, and areas of expertise, ensuring that the shifts we offer suit your unique needs.

Can I continue my full-time job while taking per diem shifts through a staffing agency?

Absolutely, many per diem nurses choose to supplement their income and experience by taking shifts that work around their existing schedules.

Are per diem nursing opportunities available for specialized areas of nursing?

Yes, staffing agencies offer per diem shifts in various nursing specialties, allowing you to explore different areas of healthcare and gain a well-rounded experience.

Will I have support and resources during my per diem assignments?

Yes, MSG Staffing provides ongoing support, ensuring that you have the necessary information and guidance for a successful per diem nursing experience.

Can I work with a staffing agency as a new nurse interested in per diem opportunities?

Absolutely, staffing agencies often have opportunities for nurses at all experience levels, making per diem nursing an excellent way for new nurses to gain diverse experience.

Your Future Begins Here

It’s time to embrace the freedom and flexibility of per diem nursing with MSG Staffing. Fill out the contact form below, and let’s connect to explore how we can elevate your per diem nursing journey together.  

By joining MSG Staffing, you’re stepping into a community of nurses
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