Covid-19 Screeners Are Available

Protecting your essential employees shouldn’t be an ongoing challenge. We’ll help you place health screening professionals immediately so you can maintain your facilities’ operation.

Why You Need a Covid-19 Screener

Coronavirus Workers Are Available Now

A note from the CEO

If your business is still open to the general public, chances are, you need additional healthcare workers to help keep everyone healthy.

Maybe you’ve never needed a healthcare worker before!

Either way, we’re here for you.

Our mission at MSG Staffing has always been to improve lives.

Yes, there are healthcare screeners ready to help!

Yes, we can provide them on short notice, even same day!

Yes, we take care of virtually all the paperwork, unemployment, benefits, HR, all those questions you’d typically deal with will come to us!

Best of all – you don’t pay us anything until an approved candidate performs work.

Yes, we have extended our service to non-healthcare facilities so we can better protect our communities.

We’re in this with you. Let’s beat this Covid-19 epidemic, together.

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We’ll find the best candidates for you.
You’ll get qualified staff to keep people healthy.

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