Unlock Exclusive Benefits with Our Facility Referral Program!

Introducing Our Facility Referral Program: Facility Connections

Unlock Valuable Benefits by Referring Clients to Us!

Introducing Our Facility Connections Referral Program

No Limits on Referrals: Maximize Your Benefits

Empower Your Facility with Our Exclusive Referral Program

Earn Rewards While Making a Difference!

Cash Rewards

Participating facilities receive an Account Credit Boost. Refer more clients and receive higher Account Credit Boosts to your account with us!

Charity Donations

For clients who would instead prefer to make a direct donation to a charity of their choice, it is now an option. It will be donated in their name, by us!

Elevate Your Facility’s Impact Today

Earn Rewards, Make a Difference!

Refer in new clients and unlock exclusive benefits. Fill out the form below, connect us with new clients, and enjoy Account Credit Boosts or donate to a charity of your choice. Reap High Returns and Make a Charitable Impact

Why Join?

High Returns

We offer very competitive Account Credit Boosts. Referring clients benefits both your facilities and theirs.

Charitable Impact

Choose the charity you want to support and we will make a direct donation on your behalf.

Exclusively for Facilities

This referral program is exclusively for facilities and their representatives.

No Cap on Referrals

There is no limit to the number of referrals a facility can make. Refer as many clients as you like.

How Our Program Works

Our referral program is designed to be straightforward, simple, and easy to participate in! To get started, follow these simple steps:

  • Refer a new facility or client to us
  • The referred customer must be a new face for our company who hasn’t used our services in the previous 12 months
  • Once the facility hits $10,000 in revenue with MSG Staffing, you will get rewarded
  • Earn an Account Credit Boost or choose to make a direct donation to a charity of your choice
  • Repeat and accumulate rewards every time a new referred client joins us
  • Repeat and accumulate rewards every time a new referred client joins us

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Connect With Us

Email Us

Send us an email to learn more about our referral program at kimberly.d@msgstaffing.com

Live Chat

Reach out to us directly via our live chat support for quick help and assistance.

Call Us

Speak directly to one of our account managers at (508) 799-7674 during business hours.