EVS Janitors Are Available Now

Prevent your facility from being a source of spreading Covid-19. We’ll help you place environmental services personnel immediately so your facilities can join the fight against infection control.

Let’s Work Together as Community

Your First Defense Against Infection Control

The Coronavirus epidemic has lots of people scared, and for good reason.

A Covid-19 outbreak can spread quickly through a nursing home, group home, hospital, or any type of facility.

Cleaning frequency has gone up across the board. The increased workload has placed a heavy burden on all custodial workers.

It’s also spiked the demand for industrial strength cleaning supplies.

What happens if your custodial staff gets sick and calls out, or if you run out of supplies to clean your facility?

You need to be ready to quickly address these issues. That’s where we can help.

We have EVS Janitors ready to work. We can provide them on short notice, even same day!

We take care of virtually all the paperwork, unemployment, benefits, HR, all those questions you’d typically deal with will come to us!

Best of all – you don’t pay us anything until an approved EVS Janitor performs work.

Don’t risk a Coronavirus outbreak in your facility from a contaminated door knob or hand rail!

Make sure people feel safe in your facility, in a time when they are most vulnerable.

Tell us about your needs by completing the form below.
We’ll pre-screen candidates per your qualifications, so you don’t have to.
You’ll get qualified EVS Janitors to clean your facility.

What Are Your Cleaning Needs?

Whether you call EVS personnel housekeepers, attendants, cleaners or janitors, we can help you.