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Full time stability with per diem flexibility 

With our CEO being a Registered Nurse, we know and understand more than most staffing agencies how fast the industry can change. The biggest change we are seeing right now is the advancement of block booking happening more and more. What is block booking you may ask, well it gives you the power to schedule shifts as if you were a full-time employee at the facilities you love, while allowing you to keep the flexibility of per diem nursing while scheduling shifts for yourself in advance. So basically, it’s both of best worlds. That is why we here at MSG Staffing have decided to join in on this change and we are now offering block booking to our healthcare professionals.  

What’s the big deal with block booking and why would you want to accept them… 

More control of your own schedule and time 

Being able to take a shift here and there at different facilities is an amazing benefit of working as a per diem nurse, no doubt about it. With block booking, you will be able to do that and simplify your life even further by creating a more consistent schedule that you can plan around. Christmas coming up and you need to work more hours than usual and want to get it set before all the other healthcare professionals beat you to it, block booking is your answer. Have a once in a lifetime vacation happening next month and won’t be working, pick up extra shifts this month to make up for it! Block booking gives you the control of your life back. 

More consistent income 

With block booking happening being offered at MSG Staffing, you can rest easy knowing that you have already got the shifts you need booked and out of the way instead of dealing with the hassle of trying to find shifts last minute. There is nothing worse than deciding you want to work one day and seeing that all the open shifts have already been taken by other per diem professionals. This skips that irritation all together where you can book your shifts all at one time to be sure you are getting the money you need and want.  

Saved and guaranteed hours 

Everyone wants some more free time, right? Block booking can give you just that by being able to provide you saved and guaranteed hours. Gone will be the days that you spend time searching and worrying if you are going to be able to work the right number of hours that you are needing each week. Once block booking is happening, we can guarantee you the hours that you need each week going forward. If you want to be able to use more of your time the way you want to use it while knowing you have the hours you need to work, block booking is right up your alley, and you should make the switch today!  

Finding comfort with facilities 

One last thing that shouldn’t be overlooked is the opportunity to become a regular face in facilities. This can help you build relationships, get to know your coworkers and patients more, and get to the point where you feel comfortable in the facilities you work in day to day. This helps make the days go by much faster and you get the sense of belonging that might have been missing before while working per diem shifts. Being comfortable where you work can make a huge difference in your day-to-day operations, so try it out for yourself.  

Block booking has many benefits for you and your healthcare career, and MSG is here to help you make the switch. We are educated and have the knowledge needed to help you make the change fast and efficiently, so what are you waiting for? Call our office today and let them know you are looking for block booking shifts to get the ball rolling! 


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