Bilingual Nurses are all the Rage 

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More and more bilingual nurses are being recruited. Hospitals, doctors’ offices, schools, and communities all want to recruit them. They are a great addition to any healthcare facility, and they can help ease so many day-to-day processes that would take longer if they weren’t an employee. Why is that? Let’s find out together.  

No need to wait for information. 

Many hospitals and medical offices have access to translators they can request help from when needed, but bilingual nurses can communicate as the needs arise without having to schedule and wait for a translator to be available. This can take longer to arrange than the actual care that is needed from the patient. So having a bilingual nurse is a great solution to this problem that many facilities face on a day-to-day basis.  

Puts patients at ease. 

Nurses are usually the ones that the patients feel most comfortable with, and they go to them with their concerns, questions, or just normal conversating back and forth. Nurses who are able to speak to the patient in their native language can help them communicate their wants and needs even more efficiently, which can help the patient feel more confutable and at ease.  

Admission process. 

Being bilingual during the admission process can be so helpful to make sure the patient and the family of the patient get and provide the right information needed. Many things can be missed during the admission process when the patient is comfortable speaking in a different language that others are not.  


This also goes the same as the admission process. It’s important the patient and their family receive the right information and give consent in their preferred language. This is especially true for rapidly evolving situations, where the time to find and schedule a translator will be too late.  

Discharge process.  

This can be a great opportunity for the patient to receive education and clarification on their plan of care going forward. Most patients think of questions randomly off the top of their head and it is extremely helpful to have a bilingual nurse there to quickly answer any questions they have that come up and to explain it all fully to where they understand.  

They say that diversity is a virtue so it is important to realize that bilingual nurses are needed not just in large hospitals or cities but also in smaller cities where you may only find two or three different language groups per town. As the U.S. continues to become more diverse, bilingual nurses will play an even more important role in our healthcare system. MSG Staffing has many great opportunities for bilingual nurses for some truly amazing facilities all over the New England area. Contact us if you would like to learn more about these opportunities and to see if we might have the job that can take you where you want to go.  


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