Name Your Hourly Rate

Wondering why you can do this? Scroll down to find out.

Why You Can Name Your Own Hourly Rate

The Coronavirus pandemic is creating staffing shortages nationwide. Because of this, many facilities are able to pay their emergency rates. This means the same job that paid you $25/hour a few months ago, will pay you a whole lot more right now.

This won’t last forever. This is a rare opportunity where you can:

  • Make up lost pay from a loved one who is out of work.
  • Work less hours for the same take home pay
  • Build up your financial safety net

Protecting Your Safety

Our healthcare facilities are working hard to provide all workers with personal protective equipment to maximize their safety. This includes:

N95 Masks

Disposable Gloves

Disposable Gowns

We (as your staffing agency) are focused on your safety as well. Not just your physical safety, but financial as well.
That’s why you will receive 2 weeks of paid time off if A) you are unable to work because you test positive for Coronavirus, or B) you have to care for a family member who tests positive for coronavirus.

Our Facilities Are Looking For Applicants Who…